The Bamyan art academy campaign is on, Please Donate online: 

The Bamyan art academy has operated for 3 years: Free educational and practical film making courses for over 100 youths and films enthusiasts. They have completed over 100 short films and documentaries and they also organised the Bamyan film festival for two years.

We are a voluntary team and aim to continue this beneficial academy next year with your support.

Please could you donate for the expenses of the Academy or gift equipment for completing documentaries.

The Bamyan art academy has operated for 3 years as a free educational and practical filmmaking project for youths and film enthusiasts in Bamyan with the support of voluntary teams.  we want to continue this beneficial academy with your support for next year.

حمایت مالی ازبرنامه های درحال تولید آکادمی وتلویزیون بامیان  

روی لینک کمپاین کلیک وآنلاین سهم بگیرید.امکانات فیلمسازی مثل کمره را نیز می توانید برای استفاده هنرجویان هدیه نمایید.لطفا مشخصات کمره را امیل ویا کمینت کنید تا هماهنگی شود

پرداخت از طریق پیپل :


UK:  Raman. Alemi +44(0)793 919 3009 WhatsApp/

Bamyan:   Eshaq Akrami : +93 (0)774212906 - Email: London  :​

For TV advertising, sponsorship please contact:

UK:  Rah. Alemi +44(0)793 919 3009 WhatsApp/

Bamyan:   Eshaq Akrami : +93 (0)774212906


Email for film Academy:

The Bamyan arts LTD, registration number in UK: 11247689

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