Title: A single mum from Bamyan مادر مجرد

By Aqila Farhmand

Halima works hard to carry on her life without her husband, Nassir, and pretends to be her 3-year-old daughter’s father. When Nassir does not return from abroad, she tries to return her husband home with the help of the United Nations.

پدرم می خواست برود مکه !My dad wants to go Mecca

Directors: Tayiba Rezaian & Hassan Natiqi

This film is one day of my life in a suburb of Bamyan in Afghanistan. Ailar 13 Years old.​ این فیلم یک روز زندگی ام دربامیان افغانستان است دنیا 13 ساله کارمشترک از: طیبه رضاییان حسن ناطقی 

A genius from Buddha’s territory نابغه ای از دیار بودا

By Zamam ali Deb and Khaliq Zaizi

Hussaindad, as a teenager in Bamyan has a dream to one day go to the moon. He's known as a local genius who confidently explores many new environmental tools in his area of residence.

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Guest films at this festival
فیلم های مهمان  جشنواره آنلاین 
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The Traditional Hazara Life style کهن سرزمین آذر

Historical Documentary/40min/

Writer & Director: Samih Attai Producer: M. Anwar Poya & Samih Attai Online distributor: The Bamyan film Academy This film focuses on traditional Hazara life style in Afghanistan. This film has been awarded from film festivals. نویسنده وکارگردان : سمیع الله عطایی تهیه کننده: محمد انور پویا وسمیع عطایی نشر آنلاین : آکادمی فیلم بامیان



Kabul today

مستند کابل امروز


This documentary narrate daily life of residents in Kabul این مستند زندگی روزمره ساکنان کابل را شرح می دهد

کارگردان: محمد خادم حیدری 

Director: M. Khadem Haidrai

Production : Tura Bura Media 



The Buddha in Afghanistan

بودا درافغانستان

Documentary /23min/

This documentary reflects the history of Buddha Statues in Bamyan of Afghanistan.  How and when these statues were built and destroyed. 

فیلم به مناسبت سالگرد تخریب بت های بامیان 



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