The Bamyan Art Academy 

Our Vision                     

To develop a society of peace, where respect to diversity, mutual understanding among various tribes and morality are valued and exchange it to the world through multimedia and cinema.  

Our mission

Offering a potential platform for Afghanistan’s different ethnic minorities to struggle towards a more peaceful and harmonious future via multimedia and cinema. In the long term, we aim to compete in the international level of film making training and producing.

The Bamyan Art Academy was found in 2017 by Rahman Alemi with the above mission and vision which it has been very successful in fulfilling them. The Academy is a team of professional young members is unique and first ever platform in its kind in Afghanistan providing film production services and enabling young generation to fulfil their dreams in the field of film-making. The Bamyan film festival is now an annual event and many of the films produced by the academy students have been awarded prizes at national and international film festivals during the last three years.

We continue to train the potential talented artists both on the theoretical orientation and the exact purpose of the film training project and film making techniques on an international standard level.

آکادمی هنروتلویزیون بامیان، بعنوان یک نهاد فرهنگی وآموزشی درافغانستان وانگلستان ثبت می باشد که از سال 2017 دوره های آموزش فیلم سازی -شامل فیلم برداری، تدوین، کارگردانی، تولید، بازاریابی فیلم، عکاسی و برنامه سازی تلویزیونی را سالانه برای علاقمندان هنروسینما در شهربامیان برگزارمی کند و تولیدات این دوره که شامل ده ها فیلم مستند وداستانی کوتاه، گزارش های تلویزیونی می شود درقالب جشنواره فیلم بامیان وهم چنان ازطریق تلویزیون بامیان به نشرمی رسد

Team work گروه کاری 

Rahman Alemi

Rahman Alemi is an independent filmmaker who funded the Bamyan film Academy and worked as a teacher and supervisor from 2017-. He has graduated  at MA Digital Films from  the London South Bank University and has previously produced many short films, documentaries  about Afghanistan, with some of his film being screened at various international film festivals including the BBC World Service and Sundance TV.


Eshaq Akrami

Eshaq Akrami is an active journalist, he has taken part in various radio and civil rights activities in Bamyan of Afghanistan and  participated in the Bamyan art Academy as a local coordinator since 2017.

Local coordinator

Asef Karimi

Asef Karimi is a partner in the Bamyan Art Academy, where he has devoted his time on the intellectual property issues of the academy, project design and project management.  He has extensive experience in legal, management and project innovation. His recent activities include designing and implementing International Criminal Court for the first time in Afghanistan, through which has developed a wide network of law students from various universities of Afghanistan.  He is also a Jurist at Brandstock Legal based in Munich Germany.

Partner and project Manager

Salim Soltani

Salim Soltani is working as Program officer at the Bamyan Art Academy; he coordinates project activities with our national and international partners. He has worked as Geographic Information specialist and later as project coordinator with UN Environment Afghanistan, where he implemented Environmental and climate change project in different province of Afghanistan.

Program officer

Ali Sami

Ali Sami is a main editor and media technical supporter, has joined the Bamyan art Academy as a student but with the high experience of media devices. Recently working as an editor supervisor in Bamyan art Academy.

Media technical supporter

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